About Us

Our Mission Statement :


Agape Church exists for the purpose of continuing the mission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in seeking and saving the Least, Last, and the Lost.


Our Vision Statement : 


Committed to God's vision for a better tomorrow.  Agape Church will demonstrate the life- changing power and love of the gospel of Jesus Christ in every area of our human experience.  As Spirit- filled believer's with a love for God and a passion for all people, we are being equipped and commissioned with  this vision throughout the world.

 Our Strategy Statement


 Up Reach:


¨ To provide powerful and inspiring worship services where the gospel is proclaimed with clarity, and lives are transformed by the power of the Holy Ghost.

¨ To provide a multi-dimensional prayer ministry where intercession is made without ceasing, and miracles are expected and received.




¨ Through the teaching of God's word equip men, women, and youth to discover their gift, their calling, their place in God's Kingdom. 

¨ Through the sharing of biblical principles, empower and position believers to be successful in every area of their life.


In Reach: 


¨ To provide a loving and supportive fellowship where people are cared for, encourage, to grow into conformity to Christ.


Outreach :


¨ To mobilize an army of believers to share their faith in and out of church.

¨ Provide multiple events each year that welcome the un-churched to experience the love and message of God.

¨ To impact world evangelism, providing training, resources, and materials for commitment to growth development.