About Us

Our Mission Statement

Agape Church exists for the purpose of continuing the mission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in seeking and saving the Least, Last, and the Lost.

Our Vision Statement

Committed to God’s vision for a better tomorrow.  Agape Church will demonstrate the life- changing power and love of the gospel of Jesus Christ in every area of our human experience.  As Spirit- filled believer’s with a love for God and a passion for all people, we are being equipped and commissioned with  this vision throughout the world.

Our Strategy Statement

Up Reach:

¨ To provide powerful and inspiring worship services where the gospel is proclaimed with clarity, and lives are transformed by the power of the Holy Ghost.

¨ To provide a multi-dimensional prayer ministry where intercession is made without ceasing, and miracles are expected and received.


¨ Through the teaching of God’s word equip men, women, and youth to discover their gift, their calling, their place in God’s Kingdom. 

¨ Through the sharing of biblical principles, empower and position believers to be successful in every area of their life.

In Reach: 

¨ To provide a loving and supportive fellowship where people are cared for, encourage, to grow into conformity to Christ.

Outreach :

¨ To mobilize an army of believers to share their faith in and out of church.

¨ Provide multiple events each year that welcome the un-churched to experience the love and message of God.

¨ To impact world evangelism, providing training, resources, and materials for commitment to growth development.